Hello there, people usually call me waifu, wafu or sometimes bits.

I consider myself a naive artist.

I don't commonly like introductions, as they never say enough, so you may as well see my art, since you know, a picture says more than a thousand words and stuff.

Check out some of my links and stuff

Waifuism.life started as a Pleroma instance on May 11th of 2021, now it's running Misskey over at mai.waifuism.life.

The official mascot is waifuism-tan, but she likes to be called Mora.

This website is designed around desktops, not phones, go check it on your computer.

If you have autoplay on, you're listening to my favorite song, "Cuantas veces mas" from Javier Cardellino, an Uruguayan Musician.

If you already read over here, why don't you check out my main site waifuism.life? I add easter eggs everywhere over there, maybe even on this page...

Also, in case you are looking at this in neocities, you may be missing some stuff, since I keep my main server way more updated.